A Brief History Of Green Energy

Green Energy History is one of the best aspects of the history of man. We would all know some historical figure or another that was the founder of something. In this article we will be examining some of the great figures in the history of green energy.

One of the first people to promote green energy was Thomas Edison. He created what is known as the light bulb, which can now be used to power electrical devices around the home. Thomas Edison is one of the most famous figures in the history of mankind. His influence in the life of everyone that uses electricity is undeniable.

Alexander Graham Bell was a patent holder for a green energy device called the telephone. This device has revolutionized communications and allowed people to communicate with their families and friends all over the world. Alexander Graham Bell is another great history figure in the development of green energy.

Another great figure in the history of green energy is Nikola Tesla. His invention of the alternating current transmission and power system was the greatest single invention of the century.

Inventors like William Randolph Hearst and the Ford Motor Company have contributed to the development of green energy. Both of these companies are pioneers in the manufacture of automobiles. These two companies have also helped to give birth to many other car manufacturers.

First Green Energy History I am going to take a look at an individual who was on of the pioneers of green energy. He invented an early form of windmill technology which allowed the use of a turbine, which rotates in order to capture the wind which then goes through a generator to create electricity.

This turbine, which is known as the “Windmill” was designed by the inventor Thomas Alva Edison and was constructed by the American engineer C. I. J. Fuller.

The American military used the invention of early green energy extensively during World War II, as it was one of the most efficient forms of energy production. The army was able to produce electricity from the wind which were used in the generating turbines.

In addition to the United States Military, George Washington also gave up his patent rights to invent the concept of green energy for use in the nation. George Washington had this invention patented during the Revolution.

The first of these windmills were discovered during the Revolutionary War and were used for powering horse-drawn buggies. These windmills were discovered by a German named Johann Jacobi and they were used during the French and Indian War.

The people who are responsible for the development of green energy are many and include numerous pioneers from the past. We must continue to push forward to bring more green energy to the Earth.